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Celebrate Int’l Tempranillo Day – Raise a Glass and Your Wine IQ

I was browsing through my Pinterest today, and I found a great little pin from our friends at Wine Folly. It’s a calendar infographic with “certain” holidays marked for us. I had no idea there were fifteen (YES! FIFTEEN!) holidays designated to wines. This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time, well besides the day I found out there was a National Doughnut Day  –…

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You Got Corked!

Let me set the scene. You over slept this morning. You spilled your coffee when the dog clobbered you with his muddy paws. You make it to work just in time to catch a snide remark from your boss. Then, on your way home, Mr. Policeman uses his blue lights to remind you that the speed limit is only 60 mph. It’s been a…

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