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Recipe: Diablo Spaghetti

I’m not sure what going on with my taste buds lately, but I can’t seem to get enough pasta in my diet. Every meal has had some sorta of noodled goodness lately. I recently went as far as making my own egg noodles one day. (You can find my Egg Noodle recipe here). I just can’t curb this carb craving. That’s why…

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Recipe: Blackening Rub

Are you a sucker for the spicy goodness of blackened chicken? What about grilled shrimp? Oh, I can’t forget about fish tacos! Fish tacos are the best, especially when they are coated with the right blackened seasoning. I love it when I can taste the smoky paprika and then feel the cayenne sneak up on my taste buds just in time for another…

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