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How to Cook a Husband

One of my favorite past time activities is wandering through thrift stores. I prefer the older, less frequented stores that look more like a hoarders palace and less like a retail establishment.  There are so many lost treasures to be discovered if you keep your eyes peeled, and your nose plugged. (Unfortunately, stench is par for the course). On my last adventure, I unearthed a special…

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20 Budget Friendly Gifts for the Wine Lover

I absolutely love Christmas shopping. I can spend hours wandering the store with no goal in mind. Unfortunately, without a plan I usually either 1.) spend way too much on a gift, 2.) leave the store empty handed or 3.) buy something I’m not happy with and think, “Well, this is good enough.” This year though, I’m prepared. I’ve gathered…

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Food & Wine Crossword Challenge

Isn’t it funny how something can be both relaxing and curse word inducing at the same time. That’s how I feel about crossword puzzles – or any type of game for that matter. I love playing games, but they remind me that I’m not the super brain I think I am (shh… don’t tell my husband). Oddly, though, I’m not…

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