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Celebrate Int’l Tempranillo Day – Raise a Glass and Your Wine IQ

I was browsing through my Pinterest today, and I found a great little pin from our friends at Wine Folly. It’s a calendar infographic with “certain” holidays marked for us. I had no idea there were fifteen (YES! FIFTEEN!) holidays designated to wines. This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time, well besides the day I found out there was a National Doughnut Day  –…

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Recipe: Southern Pulled Pork

Nothing screams southern cookout like a big plate of pulled pork. Traditionally, the pork is wood fire smoked for hours and hours. barbeque, as we call it, is a main event. The crew of men spends the entire night, on through daylight, cooking the hog. Coals are tended to keep the temperature and smoke just right. It’s a delicate dance of…

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