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Recipe: Diablo Spaghetti

I’m not sure what going on with my taste buds lately, but I can’t seem to get enough pasta in my diet. Every meal has had some sorta of noodled goodness lately. I recently went as far as making my own egg noodles one day. (You can find my Egg Noodle recipe here). I just can’t curb this carb craving. That’s why…

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Dear Kids, Mom Quits!

Sanity? What sanity? Not today my friends! I had all intentions of doing some type of fancy schmancy dinner recipe for you guys today. The type that makes your eyes happy and drool form in your mouth. Something slow roasted and covered in a pan sauce. Yum! But, guess what. Somewhere shortly after waking up life happened. I bet you’ve…

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Recipe: Southern Pulled Pork

Nothing screams southern cookout like a big plate of pulled pork. Traditionally, the pork is wood fire smoked for hours and hours. barbeque, as we call it, is a main event. The crew of men spends the entire night, on through daylight, cooking the hog. Coals are tended to keep the temperature and smoke just right. It’s a delicate dance of…

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