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Recipe: Rustic Herbed Flatbread

It’s autumn, my favorite season. It’s time to start transitioning into comfy sweaters and fuzzy socks. Unfortunately, the weather in South Carolina is so strange this time of year that I cannot fully commit a wardrobe. Yesterday, it was 73 degrees and rainy. Today it’s a balmy 42 degrees and dreary. I’m not going to let the overcast sky damper my day though, no way!…

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Recipe: Hot Candied Pecans (Photo Tutorial)

Guess what, I adulted today! I made a recipe for my husband knowing darn well it wasn’t something that I was going to enjoy. But, today I felt like doing something for him. You see, there are two types of people in this world.  Those that live for sweets, like my husband. His favorite food in the world is pancakes – yes, you heard right.…

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