Recipe: Rustic Herbed Flatbread

It’s autumn, my favorite season. It’s time to start transitioning into comfy sweaters and fuzzy socks. Unfortunately, the weather in South Carolina is so strange this time of year that I cannot fully commit a wardrobe. Yesterday, it was 73 degrees and rainy. Today it’s a balmy 42 degrees and dreary. I’m not going to let the overcast sky damper my day though, no way!…

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Recipe: Southern Pulled Pork

Nothing screams southern cookout like a big plate of pulled pork. Traditionally, the pork is wood fire smoked for hours and hours. barbeque, as we call it, is a main event. The crew of men spends the entire night, on through daylight, cooking the hog. Coals are tended to keep the temperature and smoke just right. It’s a delicate dance of…

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